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Virutex mortiser online course heading
Virutex mortiser online course

Quickly learn how to set-up and operate the

Virutex lock mortiser like a professional.


Here you'll discover all the top tips for installing door locks, bolts, pivot hinges and other types of architectural door hardware.


This portable electric mortising machine is an amazing tool used by specialist carpenters and locksmiths.


False belief! Inexperienced door hardware installers think that the lock mortiser will take too long to set up and learning how to operate it will be time consuming.


With the help of this course, you will be able to quickly set-up and use the Virutex mortising machine to its full potential.


Tony Gouverneur AKA The TIDY TRADIE Lockcarpenter,

is the most experienced user of the Virutex mortiser and

was the first person to post videos using it on

Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.


Tony is the best tradesperson to learn from and

you will be glad you did.

Virutex mortiser course teacher
Tony teaching the virutex online course

This course will save you a lot of set up time!

Don't be seen as the guy who has all the gear and no idea!

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