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Improve your knowledge and skills for installing

concealed/secret door hinges.

Get instant access to documents, photos and video footage where Tony explains the tips and techniques that he's learned over many years installing high-end residential doors.


There are test questions in each module and you are encouraged to submit your own questions for Tony to answer in the private 1 on 1 chat.

The course has its own unique app so it's easy to interact and learn on the computer or mobile, wherever you are.

There is no time pressure and you can learn at your own pace.

This short course will have a final exam at the end.

All students that pass will receive a certificate of completion,

signed by Tony, The TIDY TRADIE Lockcarpenter.

You can avoid costly mistakes with this course

Installing concealed hinges and achieving a perfect finish is advanced carpentry work.

The hinges are expensive to buy and they often get installed incorrectly. Don't be that guy.

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Hi, I'm Tony. I've been in the carpentry game for nearly 30 years and in half that time I specialised in installing

doors and luxury door hardware.

My motto has always been "Done Once, Done Right!"

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Learn how to install and adjust correctly

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You won't waste time on-site learning how to install and adjust under pressure.

Save time by having instant access to resources

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You'll have quick access to photos, videos, specifications and instructions. Just install the mobile friendly app for easy viewing from your phone.

The library of information will continually be updated.

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Gain clarity on how to do everything

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You'll learn the best ways of hanging residential timber doors with concealed hinges in a residential home.


Up your skill, up your pay

The No.1 problem. Dodgy hardware installation work is real and it's everywhere.

Concealed hinges are expensive to buy and if you don't install them neatly and correctly, you will damage your reputation.


Even in some high-end homes, these hinges sadly get roughly installed!

I understand door hardware work might not be very exciting for most people and I know a lot of carpenters hate having to install it.

I also know that there are many carpenters (maybe like you) who are perfectionists and have a passion for becoming an expert.


Would you love to know the latest methods for installing concealed hinges into expensive doors? There may be methods you don't know about.


Becoming an expert will put you in high demand amongst all the low skilled workers!

See if any of these questions resonate with you:

  • Are you wanting to install secret doors, neater and with more confidence?

  • Do you want to feel proud of your hardware installation work, so that you can share on social media?

  • Have you thought about niching down on a trade skill because there are too many competitors all doing what you do?​​

  • Do you feel like you are falling behind your installer competitors and are losing work because of them?

  • Would you like a certificate to show your customers or employer that you have completed an online Concealed Hinge course and are involved in its continued development?

  • Have you thought about working for yourself, installing doors?

  • Are you confused with all the lock and hinge jigs that are flooding the market?

  • Do you need help deciding which tools to invest in?

This Concealed Hinge course will help you

Fast-track your knowledge about door hardware to help avoid costly mistakes.

Get access to documents and templates to help you become a better installer.

Learn from the most well known luxury door hardware installer in the industry, who has social proof that his work is legitimate.

Get your concealed hinge installation questions answered from someone you can trust.

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After completing this short course

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Once you fully understand everything taught in this course, you will be much more confident and enthusiastic about installing all types of concealed hinges.

You’ll become an expert in the field in a quicker amount of time!

You will be more valuable as an employer or contractor.

Your reputation as an installer will grow exponentially.

Hardware suppliers will have more faith in recommending your service to their customers. 

You will have access to all the contents for life and have Tony to answer your questions.


BONUS - New training material will always be added so you will be plugged into continued learning.

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